Sunday, 29 June 2008

From the comfort of my sofa

This weekend is a biggie in the music festival calendar, yep it's Glastonbury. I went to the festival for the first and only time in 2001. I was incredibly lucky in that it didn't rain, not once, until the Monday when we were packing up our tents. I strolled around in my flip flops enjoying all that the festival had to offer, completely carefree. Safe to say my experience was a good one. For financial reasons I couldn't go back the following year and I actually cried when I watched it on the tv, I was so gutted that I couldn't go. But since then it's suffered at the hands of Mother Nature and there's been rain on top of rain on top of rain leading to mud, lots of mud. And that's when I love watching it from my sofa. Cos I have all the happy memories of being there, and can mentally walk around and enjoy it, but am warm and dry and not muddy.

This weekend I have fully immersed myself in the whole experience. I even stayed up til 2am last night watching all the highlights. And those that I've missed are stored up on a tape to watch over the next few days. The thing I love about it most, besides the obvious of tonnes of fabby music, is the discovery of the new bands. I love finding new bands, new artists to get all excited about. It makes me go all tingley and goosebumpy...such a good feeling. The highlights that I've seen so far have definitely been The Ting Tings and Natty. I already have The T-Ts album and as soon as I'd watched them I had to turn off the tv and prance merrily around my living room to their cd. And I've just pre-ordered Natty so will be waiting with anticipation for that to arrive on my doorstep. Oooh. It's just so wonderful. What would we do without the music?

The biggest bonus of all though? Has to be the fact that whenever I need to use the bathroom I can go to my lovely clean loo and not have to breathe through my mouth, assume the thighs of steel squat position and careful bag placement, like what you have to do at the actual festival. Ah see, home comforts are certainly to be appreciated xx

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