Tuesday, 2 June 2015

It was the in-between times

Well hello! Thought I'd pop back over here for a quick blog chat. How's things? Everyone having fun? Isn't this weather brilliant shite? Erm, hello, isn't June supposed to equal Summer? Not gales that are so strong they can blow down the bird house that lives in the next door neighbour garden, sheesh! 

Anyhoo, here I am. And as the title suggests I'm in between things. When I say things I mean jobs. I finished the other job, the one I got straight out of uni that I was so excited about, and then practically remained silent about it on here? Yeah that turned out to be yet another doozy. And when I say doozy what I actually mean is: it was absolutely bloody awful but I made a pact to myself that I would keep the moaning to a minimum...in blogland at least. But I survived! One whole year, well, almost. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and all that jazz. 

Good news is I have another job, yay! Another temporary post, more projects stuff, this time right from the very beginning. I feel excited about it but I'm keeping it low key as I can't help but have this awful feeling that maybe I'm destined to never be happy in work-land and that would frankly be very sucky. So fingers crossed and all that jazz. 

I have a bit of time in between the jobs. Which is kind of okay and kind of very boring. Yesterday I did so many housewife-y type jobs Wavey almost came home to someone in a sticky out skirt with many petticoats and 1950s pin curls. That ironing - UGH! Today has been a bit more fun. I went shopping for electronic ice boxes (who knew?!), baked some cakes for theatre tonight, prepared some fishcake mixture for the tea tonight, need to do the mammoth piles of washing up that have resulted from all of the above kitchen activity. Oh and I did day 4 of my 30 days of yoga challenge. See how I keep myself busy? As tempting as it is to binge watch on series 3 of The Good Wife methinks that would be a slippery slope...

Who knows what tomorrow might bring. It's just too exciting! (how do people do this no work thing?) I will try and blog more over here a bit more but don't forget you can check out my other blog too (get me, two blogs Dizz!) which you can find right here! 

Over and out! 

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