Tuesday, 23 June 2015


The last time we visited #yearofcraft it was to gain the grade 'F' for fail, total and utter fail but then that would have needed the grade 'TUF'. By we, I should hasten to add, I mean me. Fizz would win awards for all the crafting she does, she is a master (mistress?) crafter and is always making something. As would Tizz, who makes the most beeee-yoooo-tiful dresses that I think she should share on the blog. Don't you all agree...? Me though? The only things I generally make are cups of tea and dinner. Until last night. 

Have you ever bought anything that you just know you're going to wear to death? I like to think I'm not alone in this, but I freely admit that I am hard on my shoes/clothes/things and am prone to them breaking/wearing thin/needing to go in the bin on a more frequent basis than others. So this thing I loved before was a headband. But not one of those dodgy Alice band things as everyone knows they crucify the bones near your ears and give you a headache. This headband was essentially a long thin fabric covered thing that had wire inside so could be bent to all sorts of shapes and sizes to accommodate my giant hair/head. Man, I loved that thing. I wore it constantly. Up do, down do, all over the do. Until the day arrived when of course, it broke. Insert tearful emoji here. 

I tried to buy another one but by then the shops had decided they weren't going to stock that type of headband anymore and instead you had to buy elasticated things that just don't stay on my giant head. Ah-ha thinks I. I'll bet Fizz can help me make one of those. Several months later and we finally got round to it. 

Of course she could make one. Of course she had all the equipment, wire and funky cutting tool included. It was so easy we made 2! I can't claim entire responsibility as Fizz had to help along the way, but I did most of the sewing and the safety pin/wooden spoon poking (technical term). I am proper chuffed with the results and am wearing the blue one today as is evidenced in the hilarious face pulling photo below:

Friends, let me tell you. If you are of the large hair/messiness that I have going on these headbands are brilliant for creating fun hair days. And the wire inside means you can get super creative. So good! Oh go on, here's another photo then. 

They might not look like much, but these beauties will be worn until they inevitably break. But luckily I know just where I can go to make a new one. Long live the wire headbands!

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fizz said...

You look fab as always. I really enjoyed our crafty evening. And one big plus is that when the copiers, the no-style-of-their-own people, ask where you got your gorgeous headband, you can tell them you made it yourself! Ha! Take that style stealers!

Bring on the next foray into the world of craft.