Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Don't go!

Facebook is not happy with my month long detox. I'm only 4 days in and I've had at least 2 emails from them each day telling me how many notifications I'm missing, the huge number of events I've been invited to, the friends I might know that I'm desperately missing out on by not connecting to them...they really don't make it very easy for you to decide to go. 

But fear not, I am holding strong. I ended up opting to uninstall the app from my phone as I went to the settings and switched off the notifications. Seconds later I got a notification. Erm, no. So it's gone from my phone. It's still on my tablet but they are actually honouring my opting out of notifications. 

Am I missing it? Not at all. There's been all kinds of things happening where normally I would have reached for my phone to update the world but instead I have simply kept quiet and gone about my day... (haha, as I'm typing this up I've just got yet another email with people I might know on there)... and I am definitely not missing the irritation that often went with my aimless scrolling. 

So far, so good. I wonder how many emails I will get? Maybe I should start keeping a tally...

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fizz said...

You could put a filter on your email so they go straight to you junk email box.