Sunday, 26 April 2015

Capturing real life

I have to face it, the Year of Craft has come to a complete and utter standstill as other things have moved in and taken over, mainly because I have to force myself into crafting as it's just not my thing. I think it's probably time I accepted that really. Instead I joined an online photography class, which I think you're supposed to turn into a scrapbook, but that involves crafting, and we all know where that will end. So I was thinking about how I would make it work and I thought, I can totally do an online scrapbook as an alternative and tie it in with the blog as well. And here we are. Let's capture real life.

Week 1: Good Morning - cleanse, tone, moisturise; Good Night - reading myself into slumber

Week 2: Guilty Pleasures - a '99' with a flake and red sauce, best eaten at the beach...

Week 3: Nature - anywhere and everywhere, I love being outside the most!

Week 4: Out-takes - these are always going to be of Wavey, but I love taking photos of him when he's not looking, he always looks so serious! 

I'm going to say right off, that this class is supposed to be done week by week but as per everything else that I do, it's a case of when I have time. So it's capturing real life in probably more than 52 weeks, and it's not in a scrapbook, and some of the photos were taken previously. One day I might just play by some rules...

PS. If you're interested in the class, I bought it from A Beautiful Mess which is one of my most loved blogs ever! 

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