Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Nothing overly concerning but a few things this week have made me stop and have a little hmmm that's worrying moment. Here's a few examples:
  • There was football on the tv on one side or Gok Wan doing his wardrobe transforming thing on the other. For a short moment Wavey lingered on Gok Wan and appeared to be interested...thankfully it was only fleeting and world order has been restored - the footy is back on the tv
  • I've been taking Berocca in an attempt to restore myself to my former glory, pre-evil cough and cold. Don't ask me how I found this out but alarmingly, drinking Berocca makes your pee rather flourescent yellow. I've finished the packet now and am glad about this. I definitely do not think that pee should be shades of highlighters
  • Snow might very well stop play *sad face* we are supposed to be going to Buxton in the Peak District this weekend to celebrate both our birthdays but the pending white out / blizzard conditions are putting us off driving into the wilds possibly never to return
  • My car is freezing outside and inside. This is to be expected in minus winter temperatures but I'm pretty sure the car is not supposed to have ice crystals on the inside. What with that and the orange steering warning light methinks Zippy is not too well...
  • The cough is not as rattle-y as it was and is hugely improved but every now and then this pathetic wheeze will appear. Pah to the evil cold and cough
  • I have really dry skin on my eyelids (say what?) and the skin on the tips of my fingers is also suffering and pretty raw. This doesn't happen when I'm in the summer sun in France. Clearly this is a message that my skin prefers sun and summer to coldy cold cold and winter
  • The snow has forced me into wearing the same pair of boots for 5 days. Sheesh... 

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Anonymous said...

My car was frosted up inside this morning too. Nasty. Then when I scraped it off it seemed to be snowing INSIDE. Wierd.