Friday, 25 January 2013

Third time the charm?

Once upon a time a girl called Dizz owned a house. Somewhere along the way she met a Wavey, they fell in love, and happily ever after moved in together to live in joyous sin. This left one little house all empty and sad. Temporarily an ugly sister moved in until she ate the poisoned apple and made it all turn sour. Yet again the little house was all empty and sad. Until one day in the summer of last year a beautiful princess came along with a sackful of gold and took the little house for herself. Rejoice! Rejoice! 

Fairy tale paragraph aside I was left with a golden opportunity. A chance to escape and start all over again. Could it really be three times the charm? Three times as in I started out with Media Studies determined that I was going to change the face of television and be a wonder producer. Cue giant crash as I bumped back down to earth in a mountain of debt and returned home with my tail between my legs. Next time around I tried my hand at Library and Information Management determined that it would let me advance onwards and upwards at work and that it would be totally worth the 2 years of stress and anxiety I put myself through. Cue crash back down to earth part two as I essentially sat and festered for the next six years advancing absolutely nowhere other than nearer to the loony bin. And now I hear you ask? 

As of next Friday, the 1st of February 2013, after 12 long years I will depart libraryland for good. No more library. Farewell subscriptions and electronic resources and hello full time student-land. I am again returning to education, as a proper full time student to retrain myself into something entirely new. Something exciting and opportunity-laden (fingers crossed!): I.T. Project Management. It sounds rather grand. I'm not sure where it will lead or how truly sensible it is to walk away from a full time permanent job in these very uncertain economic times, but I do know that I am very excited and oh so ready to make the move. 

Now that it's out there and people know all about it, I've had so many people tell me that it's a great decision, that I'm brave, that they're really proud...there's been a lot of "go get 'em" type of communications. This goes some way to help sway me more towards excitement than trepidation. But if I'm honest there's a lot of both going on. I feel like I'm going into this blind and I have no idea what will happen. I have all these huge plans of what I will do but the biggest thing backing me is this sheer determination that this will lead to something better, it will lead to opportunity, I will spend my time wisely by beefing up my CV with loads of good stuff that will knock socks off potential employers...I hope it will be one of my better decisions but only time will tell if this massive risk pays off. 

I'm sure I'll be blogging along the way so I hope you'll join me for the journey. And wish me luck. 
And not shake your head and tut and say what a foolish woman.

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Wavey said...

proud of you