Friday, 23 November 2012

Feeling very familiar...

I know this time of year so well. It's the time when you feel like a crazy dog running around in circles trying to chase his tail and! I'm sure I blog about this same topic every year and I wouldn't want to let anyone down. So here it is. The crazy dog time of year when time seems to whizz by at an astonishing rate:
 Check that out, even time flies in Paris! 

So knowing the day when meltdown was about to approach, this year I played it smart and booked a day off. I got up at the same time as I would to go to work, prepared a mental list, and set to it. At 11.39am I'm feeling like I've already achieved a whole bunch of stuff and made a really good start. Here's the achievements so far:
  • Finished the ironing
  • Changed the bedding
  • Washed the bedding
  • Hung the bedding out to dry
  • Emptied a wardrobe so that we can pass it on to Fizz
  • Made a Christmas shopping list
  • Ordered a couple of presents from said Christmas shopping list
  • Arranged to collect a meat package that I ordered via Groupon
  • Rearranged a courier to come and deliver a parcel 
  • Had a well earned cuppa and watched Stephen Fry play with gadgets
  • Sorted out some publicity for theatre
  • Sitting down to type up blog post
There's still a whole heap of stuff to do but this is definitely a good start. I'd even go so far as to admit that I'm a little bit buzzy or should that be busy, heehee. It feels so good though and means that the weekend can be spent doing nice things as well as doing busy stuff. 

I know it's the time of year for it, it's the same for everyone, people trying to organise stuff, trying to avoid the urge to punch people who smugly tell you that not only have they got all their Christmas presents but wrapped them as well, receiving Christmas cards from people who are so organised they've written them early to save on stamps - gawd who are these people?! They clearly have more time than me!

But I don't feel disheartened. Not any more. Today is my action day! But I reckon that by 9pm I'll be ready for my bed! Best get back to it. Soonest, good blog friends. 

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