Sunday, 4 November 2012

Closing down

It's time, yet again, to close the garden down for Winter. I have no idea where this year has gone. I know I probably say that every year at around the same time, but seriously, November already? How?! 

Despite the lack of sunshine and extremely wet conditions the year hasn't been too bad. We had huge success with the green beans, enjoying them with practically every meal for a couple of months, and the peppers and chilis were doing really well. If we'd had more sunshine this little lot would be a huge variety of colours:

I think these two are my prize specimens:
So it's a fond farewell until the season begins again. I've moved the strawberries into the greenhouse to let them stay warm and dry over the winter, and might even leave them in there. It would be good to keep them away from the pecking birds and in the warm. Oh and they're keeping the two lemon trees company - two lemon trees that I grew from two lemon pips. I have faith that one year (who knows how long down the line) I will one day find a lemon on one of them, maybe even two. A girl can dream...

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