Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I've just finished reading a book by Richard Milward called Ten Storey Love Songs. He is a local author whose books are so incredibly local that I find it hard to understand how anyone outside of Middlesbrough can read them or even understand them. The places, the voices, the behaviour...it's all so Boro! But I checked a couple of reviews and people were absolutely RAVING about it. One guy said he reads it constantly - he finishes it and then starts all over again. Wow! I've never ever done that with a book before and am impressed that anyone can. The best and most wonderful thing about the book was that it was just one massive stream of conscious. There were full stops and commas but no paragraphs and no chapters and I was intrigued about how easy that would actually be to do.

So here goes, from the inside of Dizz's head on Tuesday afternoon at 4pm, sitting on a library reception watching the world go by:

Desk quiet squeaky chair sounds of chitchat chitchat chitchat. Self service yeah really transportation hahahaha heeheehee. Door round and round and round and round whumph whumph whoosh whumph doors sliding sliding sliding ohhhhhhpen closed. Quiet day drags BUSY people people everywhere who where what why which first last next whose. Grey carpet doors stuck leaves blowing doors stuck suck. Suits pass my eyes right left. In out wrong door go back come in go out. Odd bod never talks shifty eyes in gate out gate footsteps foot...step step step. Odd bod always talks loooooooong draaaaaaaawn out words yaaaaaawn in my head. Sitting squeaking gossip gossip [abrupt cut off from stream due to finishing shift]

So there you go. Get me to Faber and Faber, I'm going to be a multi millionaire author, I'm almost certain of it...

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