Thursday, 22 September 2011


Today was a really interesting workday. These don't come along very often so when they do I always feel like I need to make some sort of record of them. It was a workshop essentially about change management and it was run by two external bods and it was totally fascinating! We did a very shortened version of the Myers-Briggs test when you pick where you lie on the chart and we had visuals to help us along the way, including one poor teddy bear who was tied up with all these other animals coming to get 'im...or had the teddy been a naughty teddy and that was why he was tied truly was fascinating to hear people's perceptions of stuff. One of the most interesting things we had to do was sign our name with our familiar hand that we use all the time then switch to the unfamiliar to see what happened. This was mine:

I totally turned the J around! How weird is that? Thursday = good day. Let's see what Friday brings.

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