Sunday, 25 April 2010


For several years now my hair has been a fab bright red, loved by many, admired by many too I think, but of late, not so good. It all started a couple of months ago, I was beginning to notice a few other people with the same shade as me...then it got to a few more...then I'd be walking round town and almost every 10th person had the red. I knew it was time to do something drastic when a woman got on the bus, in her slippers, sporting the hideous chav slicked back ponytail look in EXACTLY my hair colour. Nooooooooo!

Saturday I headed to my trusty hairdresser. I think she already knew to be honest. And so we've started the transition phase. I'm heading towards my natural colour again which is I believe (cos it's been a while!) a sort of chestnut/auburn type reddy browny orangey, I know that sounds awful but it really won't be! But as I had that bright red it couldn't all be done at once. Phase 1 sees me with brown hair. Just brown. And it feels...odd. I look in the mirror and it's not really me. Wavey reckons it's me but subdued- which isn't how I'm feeling I hasten to add, just my hair. Hopefully phase 2 will see me heading lighter and then by phase 3 we'll be somewhere near.

Not many people have seen it yet so I'm looking forward to the reactions!

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