Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Oh woe is me

Today is really sucky. In fact that doesn't even begin to cover it. It's beyond sucky. Uber-sucky. Think about the suckiest ever and multiply it. I woke up with a slight tummy ache, didn't think too much about it as that often happens, usually because I've slept a whole 8 hours and am so starving I could eat everything in my cupboards. But today it didn't go away. I carried on my normal day though as today was my team Christmas lunch at work and I was so looking forward to it. Bangers'n'mash followed by apple crumble and custard, an alcoholic beverage bought by the boss, sitting with my lovely team peeps chitting the festive chat...until I had to get off the bus and throw up in the street. Yep, you read that exactly right. HUMILIATED!

I'm sat on the bus in this giant queue of traffic, bored, staring out the window, listening to my ipod as usual. Until I went really hot. Then really cold. Then I knew I was going to be sick. Except the bus was stuck in the traffic light hell that is the new system. So I'm pressing the bell, doing deep breathing trying to calm myself down. As we approach the bus stop I'm feeling really green, the bus is packed so I'm squeezing my way past all these people who aren't moving when my ipod buds are ripped out of my ears as they get stuck round some random man's jacket buttons...and all the while I'm silently saying don't throw up yet, don't throw up yet. I finally managed to get myself off the bus in sufficient time to do said up-chucking. As if the act itself is not traumatising enough, to have no choice but to do it in the street is just beyond hideous.

Shaken and nearly crying cos I really really hate being sick , it dawned on me that I wasn't going into work today. Which meant missing my much anticipated Christmas festive fun. Bum-mer. And as if that wasn't bad enough, my kindly ma, ringing me up to see how I am, has just managed to frustrate me to the point where I snapped so now I've upset my mam. This is just not acceptable. Today is awful. Can I send it back and get a refund please cos it doesn't fit very nicely at all.

Before I do any further damage I'm switching off from the world. Here's to a better tomorrow. Please. With a cherry on the top.

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Librarian Girl said...

Boo! That is indeed awful!

I hope you are feeling better now.