Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas busy-ness

This year it's all about the Christmas baking and cooking. I don't know what it is but I'm so into it, I'm making as many yummy treats as I can find. The first one had to be the Christmas cake as it's the one that needs to be "fed" the brandy to make it taste extra yummy. I made it in the middle of November and this week saw the icing of it. Luckily I had the lovely T to help me come and do it. First up was the unwrapping of the cake:

The next thing we had to do was patch up the cake with the marzipan. It was sheer coincidence that we had bits left at the end that just had to be eaten!

Here's the cake fully covered in its marzipan coat:

The most fun of all was colouring the white icing. During the red I really wanted someone to take a photo and text it to Wavey saying nooooo Dizz has been cut! But no-one would. I still think it looks like blood though:

To make the icing stick to the cake you have to melt apricot jam and paint it on:

Several hours of concentration later, we had one sparkle mountain, two ski-ing penguins, one drunk snowman, one fabby Christmas tree, several presents and boootiful snowflakes all round the edges - ta dah!

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