Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dicing with death

So this week finds us halfway through a 6 week stay of the Wavey-sister. She spends 46 weeks of the year living in the US of A, and 6 weeks visiting here with Wavey. Last year, as Wavey and I weren't coupled I did a pretty good job of hiding from her, obviously that isn't allowed now so we've been spending lots of time together. The thing with Wavey-sis is, she has allergies. And we're not just talking little allergies that might make you go a bit red (though she has those too) but she has a severe allergy, as in DEATH WILL OCCUR if she encounters any dairy.


So now the background is over I can commence with the post. As we know, in the Wavey/Dizz life, I'm the chef the majority of the time. And I'm very happy about this. I love to cook. The kitchen is one of my most favouritest places in the world. Until the dairy death became a possibility. Now I'm like flappy chef. At some point I'm going to cook in my kitchen for her so I've been obsessively avoiding dairy going anywhere near any chopping surface, just in case a tiny bit lingers and it leads to the very last breath of Wavey-sis...

*...cue Dizz running to the hills in fear of Wavey family...*

...I tells ya, it's tough! We made dinner last night at Wavey's and we had fish (kind of safe but not if it's of the salmon variety), couscous "did you read the box, Wavey-sis, is this safe?" and salad (phew, safe, oh wait, except for tomatoes) Sheesh folks!

Obviously I'm still cooking cos it's what I love to do. But I'm sure you can imagine the scene at the table as we eat, as Dizz tries not to obessively watch every mouthful Wavey-sis eats wondering if this will be the one...I don't even know how the allergy itself manifests, I imagine some hideous throat clutching, gurgling, rolling around on the floor in agony type incident (drama queen anyone?) But you know what? Funnily enough, I'd really rather not find out for real. Maybe I should just ask so that I'm prepared? Or maybe not cos that seems a smidge rude. How to phrase it, one wonders. "So, when you do get this death allergy, what actually happens...other than the death part I mean..." hmmm methinks not. Best just to keep schtum and continue the intense scrutiny of all packets and labels until she returns safely (fingers crossed!) to her home. But I'll just go and wash that food preparation area in the kitchen again, just in case...

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wavey said...

Wow but there actually some 'how-to' epipen vids on the net !... I wonder if they are accurate .. must ask Tizz.

on the upside ...when taking her to A&E I could get to drive that big-ass car of hers ! :-)