Wednesday, 19 August 2009

17 days

The countdown has begun. In 17 days Wavey and I pack up the popemobile and begin our journey to France. Yep, our holiday will begin, oh happy days! The first day we're driving down to Folkestone and staying in a hotel as the following day we get on a very early tunnel (7.57 in the a.m peeps) to go under the water and arrive in Calais. Then we begin to meander (good word) our way down France until we reach Sarlat in the Dordogne region, where we're camping for a week and then meandering our way back up again. 2 whole weeks! I seriously cannot wait!

Especially as this has been a pretty crappy work week. Odd how being told your job is a "waste of time" can have such an impact on your day...okay then, cheers very much, I'll just get me coat will I? Libraryland is not a very happy place at the moment. Mucho uncertainty and anxiety about where we'll all be and what we might be doing.

But! Holiday! We haven't actually made any agenda for the holiday, it truly is a let's drive along and see what happens kind of trip. We've booked the campsite but that's only cos you have to ensure you get a pitch (with electricity no less, and a petite bush apparently to separate you from your fellow happy campers). I have visions of us wandering, nay meandering, through tiny villages that lie along the river, in summer shorts and flipflops, eating the required daily icecream that is the holiday rule, and of course the pain au chocolat for breakfast and the wine in the evening...let's hope it lives up to my expectations!

Come on 17 days! Hurry hurry hurry!

And to end, on a totally non-holiday related topic. I just let a small boy stamp his daddy's library book with the library date stamp and you would have thought it was the best toy in the world ever! Aw bless.

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Jill said...

how sweet! don't worry i'm sure there'll be a way out soon i'll pass on all my good luck vibe to you and T now - *big hug*