Friday, 20 March 2009

Plus dog makes three

I'm not much of a dog person. Never have been. In fact, when I was about 8 or 9 I was so scared of these two barking dogs that I got into a strangers car when they offered to take me home and away from the dogs....funnily enough that one didn't go down too well with my mam. So when Wavey told me that he was going to be dog-sitting for his son's dog I was not entirely sure how this would be. Especially as all I was told is that she's a Rottweiler and her name is Stella (visions of Wavey wandering the streets doing a tortured Marlon Brando impression - Stel-la...) The Rottweiler bit scared me the most as my only knowledge of them is via the news when they have ripped children's faces off in horrible attacks. Not exactly good publicity.

I met Stella last night. First thing that she did was bark when I knocked on the door. She introduced herself to me by sniffing my hand and then sticking her nose in my crotch. Nice to meet you too! I didn't stop long that first time as I was on my way to my drum lesson and was just calling in to pick up the car which I can now drive too (eeeh get me!). But I did go back later.

The second time I arrived she was okay straight away. Came over and licked my hand a few times. Turns out she's the biggest softie going. Big being the important word. She's HUGE! She's tall, she's broad, she's a big giant of a dog. And she's a bit of a fatty to be honest, she's definitely eaten too many pies (do dogs eat pies?) And you know what else? She gets in the way! Wavey and I were sat on the sofa doing our usual chitchat/snog routine and she was staring at us! Yep, just sat there staring like we were some kind of entertainment show. Eeek! The first time it was funny but after that it started to get a bit uncomfortable, we're not used to being watched! Then she upped the ante and started shuffling towards the sofa...looking up at us...shuffling a bit more...until she was basically between us and put her head in my lap and started nudging for us to stroke and pet her. Thus was our snogging on the sofa ruined. Pah!

When it got time for me to be heading home she went mad when we put our coats on. It was clear that she was coming with us. All the way to mine she was prancing along all full of (pie?) energy. Wavey reckoned she was showing off for me as she hadn't been like that when he'd walked her earlier. We got to mine and she tried to come in the house as well, so we ended up having a goodnight snog on the doorstep like teenagers.

And there you have it. My dog tale. Stella is with Wavey until Thursday of next week. Reckon she'll get used to us by then?

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Foxy Rowland said...

Yikes! I suppose it could be worse......The first time I "got it on" with a boyfriend, my cat, Prince Jasper James (no, really!) decided he was going to stand on the edge of the bed. And watch. ewww, so wrong!