Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Breaking News

Miss Tizz is coming home very soon! I am very very excited. Let's have an extra very just because.

There are no firm plans in place but I am personally hoping for lots of eating, drinking, catching up, film/crap tv/Buffy watching (oh Netflix, what have you done!) and general happy times to be shared.

And even more breaking news is that Dizz and Fizz and Tizz are all going out together! We are heading to the Bowes Museum to see the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition. Ooooh fancy! It's a rare thing these days for all the bloggers to be around at the same time. I'll be blogging about the exhibition over on my other blog but maybe one of the others might add a few words to this fair blog...? Everybody send encouragement about this and then they will be forced into it!

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