Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Party virgin

A few weeks ago Wavey and I were all snuggled up on the sofa chitting the chat, pondering this, thinking about that, when all of a sudden, TING! Why don't we have us a party! Well that was it, once the idea was set in motion I was all happy excited land as I truly do love a party.

Growing up in my parentals' very sociable house, we were the party kings of our street. Over the years the tales have become legendary and much excitement was always abound when party plans were made. I think one of the most memorable for me was my ma and pa's silver wedding anniversary bash. The drink was a-flowing, peeps were very drunk, what's that I see out the corner of my that actually my mother doing a wheelbarrow with our neighbour over the road...oh my lordy-lou she really is doing that - yikes! Hee! It was family tradition that we'd stagger down the stairs the following morning and eat left over sausage rolls. Why are there always sausage rolls left over? Hmmmm.

When I got my own place it was always my intention to carry on the tradition and I did just that. I had my first party 10 days after moving in. And thus it followed, that my house too became the party house. So really, to wait 8 months after moving in with Wavey to have a party was really rather a long time.

Preparations were going well. We'd made a list, done the shopping, there was enough booze and food to sink a ship and its small army. Wavey and I were chatting in bed the night before when he admitted something to me. Something really really serious. That at his grand old (hehe) age he had never had a party. Yep, NEVER. I was aghast! How could this be? I asked him again, just to make sure, but he reassured me that he was indeed a party virgin. Wowsers! So not only was this 'our' first party as a couple, it was also his very first party ever ever ever! Not too much pressure there then...

Luckily Wavey picked me as the first person to have a party with as clearly I am well qualified. It all went extremely well. We had a couple of family peeps coming, which was incredibly nice of them as they effectively did a 400 mile round trip in order to come and play. They turned up at 1pm. The last people drunkenly staggered out of our house just after midnight. Safe to say, that at 11 hours, Wavey's first party experience as host was a good'un! But you know what? Someone ate all the sausage rolls so there was none left for breakfast! It just wasn't the same eating a nice toasted bagel...

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