Tuesday, 5 May 2009

More May Day Weekend Madness

The weather was worthy of March, not May, but we had a little outing to the local fares anyway. The first was a big let down, but the second one was fab. There were books for 10p, a coconut shy (pathetic, Wavey!) lots of animals, some cute, some cringe-worthy (cockroaches), one rabbit the size of a dog, sheep giving directions and a truly ugly pig.

What's up with the bear? Huggable or horrific?

Extremely ugly, but oddly familiar?

There were also various plants for sale. I have the opposite of green fingers, I even managed to kill my cactuses, but Dizz is a whizz with green things. She bought 2 chile plants - I'm hoping she'll keep us all informed of their progress via the miracle of the blog.


Librarian Girl said...

I am loving this new trend of lots of photos!

dizz said...

That pig! Ha! I can't believe I actually said what I did...

And that bear was so huggable. If wood can be huggable. Hmmm.

Bank holidays rock!

Anonymous said...

Dizz has the perfect solution to fabulous plants - Dust!

Fo-Ro said...

A sheep giving directions??? Sounds like the best fayre......ever!