Saturday, 22 November 2008

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I've deliberately left that first bit blank so you can fill in your own name. I was thinking of missing? AWOL? Forgotten? Neglectful? Anyway, I know I have been all those things so I apologise blogland peeps. Time is a-flying by. At an astonishing rate. I don't even want to think that next week it's only 4 weeks until Christmas. Particularly as I haven't even started my shopping. And I'm hosting a shindig on 21st December that I haven't even thought about getting organised for. Ooops. As usual, perhaps the best moniker for me would be: Disorganised Dizz.

How to explain my absence? Hmmm well I've been poorly. Again. Yep the evil libraryland is spreading its germs wide and there are a lot of us being struck down. First up was the cold that must have come from the devil himself cos it was EVIL. Seriously. I lost my voice and everything. Then I was left with a cough that would not go away, cough cough cough. Just when I was still fighting that one, I started feeling all queasy and achey and ended up being struck down with some head-achey, ear-achey, general-achey virus. Nasty. So not impressed with the libraryland. I blame the overheating. Normally at this time of year we're freezing our asses off but this year, someone decided it was a good idea to heat the building properly. But instead of properly they've gone for overkill...and may kill off their staff in the process. It's freezing outside so you have to layer up big. But inside you're walking round in a vest top. Crazeeee place.

I've been trying to think of how I would get back into blogland and as usual I came up with a type of list. And here it is.

Things I've gained:
1. Bigger hair
2. Purple streaks in bigger hair
3. My shopping mojo. It finally returned after a loooong absence. I kind of wish it hadn't had to return in H&M where I ended up buying 6 tops and a dress but hey, I'm just glad it's back. That was very worrying for a while there.
4. Another pair of fake Uggs. I know. I fall over in the wet. But they're sooo cosy. And they keep your feet warm. And are kind of like wearing big slippers. Who can argue with that?
5. A "bloke-friend" (I thought if I just sneak that in there then no-one will ask questions...)
6. A kitchen floor. Finally. No more concrete. Wow!
7. A new university family baby. Welcome to the world Baby C. He's utterly gorgeous and I can't wait to meet him in January.

Things I've lost:
1. Sense of time. Seriously. Where did it go? It's like the super speedy Daphne in Heroes, whooosh, s'gone!
2. I was going to talk about my lost shopping mojo but that ended up being gained, yay!
3. I'm on the way to losing my handbag. It's got a hole in the seam and stuff is going to start falling through. Let's hope the new found mojo includes shopping.
3. Seemingly the ability to count...methinks this one should be number 4...

Odd things:
The travelling on the number 36 bus has, as ever, thrown up some extremely odd things, highlights have certainly been:
1. A silver spoon. Just laid on the floor under the seat. All on its own. Not in a pack. How? Why? What?
2. A girl getting on the bus in, let's face it, increasingly chilly temperatures, wearing a tee-shirt, 3/4 jeans, and a pair of gladiator sandals. Erm hello? What is the confusion here? The season is now WINTER. This means boots, coats, hats, gloves, scarf. Get a grip girlie.
3. A fight. Yep. Some horrible man called my bus driver the c-word the other day. The bus driver was not going to take this lying down. He turned off the engine. Got out. And faced up to said horrible man. Mucho arguing later horrible man backed down. Perhaps it was the sardine-like packed bus with all those witnesses that put him off taking his stupid argument any further.

However, other odd sightings have included a man cycling past me. Now I know this doesn't seem all that odd. But when he's on a uni-cycle that is as high as a bus. That's kind of odd. Yes? Oh and the GIANT man at work. He's huge! Must be at least 7 foot tall. Seriously. GIANT! Bet he has bother finding trousers that fit.

Which brings me right up to date. I'll try to be better, I promise. I will be a GOOD blogger.

For now though, the kettle beckons me saying "make tea Dizz, make tea"
Later my blogland alligators xx

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fizz said...

You soooooo know that won't be allowed to slip past those eagle-eyed blog readers. You're gonna have to spill the beans.

ps my security word is lubfrobs. I think it needs to become a real word. What can we make it mean?